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Where to install and Vundle

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-# gabebw's dotfiles
+# IoraHealth's dotfiles
These are my dotfiles: `~/.*`
+## Cloning
+When you clone thes dotfiles locally they will need to be cloned into you home folder
+ git clone ~/.dotfiles.
+Alternatively you can clone someplace else and just create a symbolioc link to the repository.
## Linking the dotfiles into ~
To interactively link the dotfiles into `~`, run:
@@ -26,6 +33,11 @@ To see all of the tasks, run:
thor list
+## VIM
+After you have linked the files you will want to run BundleInstall from vim. Open up vim and type
+ :BundleInstall
## Acknowledgements
Thanks to @gabebw whose dotfiles repo this is based off of.

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