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Our dotfiles - adapted from those of @gabebw


IoraHealth's dotfiles

These are my dotfiles: ~/.*


When you clone thes dotfiles locally they will need to be cloned into you home folder

git clone ~/.dotfiles

Alternatively you can clone someplace else and just create a symbolioc link to the repository.

Linking the dotfiles into ~

To interactively link the dotfiles into ~, run:

thor link:dotfiles

New (OS X) laptop?

Want to get up and running in no time? Run

thor new

and you'll have a laptop with everything you need.

This runs the following in order

thor new:zsh
thor install:all
thor link:dotfiles
thor link:rvm

Seeing the tasks

To see all of the tasks, run:

thor list


After you have linked the files you will want to run BundleInstall from vim. Open up vim and type



If your .vimrc does not appear to be loading and/or you are getting error messages about Bundle/Vundle or Pathogen try:

  1. mv ~/.vim ~/.vim.bak.1
  2. ln -s ~/.dotfiles/vim ~/.vim (assuming you cloned into ~/.dotfiles)

Then try :BundleInstall


Thanks to @gabebw whose dotfiles repo this is based off of.

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