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2D scrolling shooter demo - by Iori Branford


The outcast princess turned succubus must stop cruel Kingdom troops from slaughtering friendly monstergirls in this 90s-arcade-style vertical shooting and man-catching challenge.

  • Blow up war machines and break the soldiers' will with hot demonic seduction blasts
  • Collect men to nourish you with spiritual energy; transform women to grow your succubus squadron
  • Charge up a massive spiritual/demonic explosion to flush out soldiers in hiding

How to Play

On PC, play with the keyboard, or a controller or mouse with three buttons. On keyboard, the arrow keys are the directions and the Z,X,C keys are Buttons 1,2,3.

On touchscreen, drag with one finger for directions, Fire, and Focus. Tap with two fingers for bomb.

  • Push directions to move your team of succubi in formation.
    • Move into unarmed or defeated humans to capture them.
      • Capture men to earn increasing capture bonuses, bomb energy, and Power Grab abilities.
      • Capture women to transform them into succubus allies.
      • You have limited time to capture humans before they bleed out, fall, or commit suicide. Any human's death also kills all of your captives, and resets the capture bonus to the minimum value.
    • Move into hostile enemies to deal contact damage.
  • Press and hold Button 1 to fire demonic energy bolts at hostile humans and machines in front of you.
  • Press and hold Button 2 to enter focus mode.
    • When playing with keyboard or controller, your movement is slower for precision dodging.
    • Allies assume a more aggressive formation. When firing they autoaim at nearby enemies.
    • When any member of your team has 20 captives, she gains a long-range Power Grab ability. Enter focus mode to activate it.
      • Your Power Grab pulls humans towards you.
      • Allies Power Grab by flying to humans, but will become vulnerable to enemy fire.
  • Press Button 3 to detonate a bomb in front of you, if you have at least one bomb gauge full.
    • The bomb blast damages enemies (even through cover), blocks their fire, and sends capturable humans towards you.
    • Allies become invulnerable and charge at enemies to do contact damage.
    • Capture men to gain bomb energy, and hold onto them to slowly gather more bomb energy over time.
  • Press Start button or Escape key to pause the game. Press Up and Down to highlight an option and Button 1 to select it, or click or tap on an option. Press Start or Escape again to resume.


Game site:

Game source: Github Repository


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