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.NET Core Pipeline Tasks by IowaComputerGurus, Inc.

This collection of tasks includes helpful Azure DevOps pipeline utilities that will assist with CI/CD when working with .NET Core applications of all types, including ASP.NET Core.

Included Tasks

Set Assembly Version

This task was created to recursively search the source directory and identify all .csproj files included as part of .NET Core applications and to update the Version Number as provided by the build environment.

Once all .csproj files have been identified the task will look for a default 0.0.0 version declaration, as follows, and will update it with the proper version number and resave the file


This task should be used before compilation to ensure that .NET Core will include your version number in the compiled assemblies.

Errors & Warnings

Condition Result Detail
Extension Version Invalid Error Version must be 3 segments divided by .
Unable to locate any .csproj files Error Project assumes that at least one file was found
Unable to update version Warning This can occur if your manifest does not have the required version template noted above

Script EF Core Migrations

This task will automatically call dotnet ef to create a migration script for you and prepare the script in the Build Artifacts Staging directory. Additional options exist to support muliple project types.


This task was designed to be as flexible as possible for the caller but limiting the need for setup project-to-project.

Setting | Purpose | Required | Default --- | --- | --- | --- | --- DB Context Project Directory | The directory path to your project containing the DBContext | Yes | (Not Set) Startup Project Directory | Optional directory to use for startup, helpful for complex projects with settings in a different project | No | (Not Set) Script Target Location | Where the generated script will be placed, and what it is named | Yes | $(build.artifactstagingdirectory)\Migrations\script.sql Create as Idempotent Script | If this is set to true the script will be created as idempotent, or re-runnable | No | True Patch Generated Script for Index Bug | If creating an idempotent script this applies a fix for Bug #12911 where indexes break the scripts ability to re-run | No | True

Publishing of Artifacts

Don't forget to add a Publish Artifacts or other task to store the artifact after generated.