A DNN mdoule for scheduled Job execution
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ICG DNN Scheduled SQL Jobs

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Keeping a DotNetNuke site database clean can be a real nightmare for those hosting sites on shared hosting providers. With this free module, we can help reduce the effort needed to keep your database working smooth as can be.

This host only module is great for running scheduled tasks toclean the EventLog, Site Log, Shrink the Database and other common tasks. The module comes pre-configured with a number of jobs that will help improve the performance of your database. It also supports the ability to define custom job types to execute tasks of your own.

With full support for regular intervals of execution it makes database administration easy.

Which release is for me?

If you are DNN 7.3.4 and older you will want to use version 7.0.1 of the module. If you are DNN 7.4.0 and newer you will want to use the latest version!