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Releases: IowaComputerGurus/icg.dnn.quiz


18 Aug 20:32
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Resolved a UI Layout issue with the TakeQuiz process


08 Mar 17:14
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This release was completed to bring much of this module to current standards from the last release a number of years ago. The following high-level changes are included.

  • Minimum DNN Version now 9.3.2
  • Minimum .NET Framework Version 4.7.2
  • Module will not be compatible with DNN Platform through version 10.x
  • New feature added allowing the sending of optional email confirmation to the portal administrator and if desired the test taker with high-level results
  • Fixed issue with retaking of tests

06.03.02 - Azure Support and More

20 Nov 19:44
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Added support for Azure, resolved issues with encryption & URL's, and more progress towards a 7.0 release.