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CKT-IRSENSE Reflective Infrared Proximity Sensor
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pcb Added anchor metal for Qwiic connector. LVS/DRC clean. Apr 27, 2018
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src Firmware for TMD26721 Feb 17, 2019
HARDWARE-LICENSE-CC-BY-SA.txt Add boilerplate files Jan 18, 2015

This is the software library, example applications, and hardware design files for the Iowa Scaled Engineering CKT-IRSENSE Reflective Infrared Proximity Sensor

The product can be found at:

Hardware use documentation (the manual) can be found in the /doc/ directory.

Like all public Iowa Scaled Engineering designs, the CKT-IRSENSE is both open hardware and open source software. Please refer to the hardware and software license files in this repository for details.

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