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Battery-Powered Constant Current LED Boost Driver for Light Panel
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Lithion Ion Battery-Powered Constant Current LED Boost Driver for Light Panel

Project Background

Back in 2018, I came up with the idea for a battery-powered backlit display cabinet to take with me to insulator shows. The traditional solutions were heavy cabinets with fluorescent tubes and ballasts that required line power. By combining side-lit LED light panels intended for drop ceilings and high capacity lithium ion tool batteries, building a small, light cabinet that would run entirely on battery power was well within reach.

The CKT-LEDPANEL will drive a standard 30-38V panel at 300mA, which is more than bright enough for a cabinet backlight. It includes safety circuits to prevent over-discharge of "20V" (5 series cell) lithium ion tool batteries, such as those available from Dewalt. It also provides convenient connectors for an on/off switch and an 18VDC wall power supply input.

Cabinet Construction Instructions

Instructions for constructing the cabinets and wiring everything up (including the CKT-LEDPANEL) can be found on my personal website.


The CKT-LEDPANEL is copyright 2019 by Nathan Holmes and Michael Petersen and manufactured by Iowa Scaled Engineering. The design is open hardware, and is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.

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