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Irdroid USB Infrared Transceiver

Use as a Remote control for your computer, scan infrared remotes and store in a lirc.conf file. The USB infrared Tranceiver unit has both transmit and receive functionalities. The unit is based on PIC18F2550, it communicates via USB (ACM) with the host system and it will allow you to send and receive infared signals via Winlirc or Lirc. Compatible with Linux, Windows, MAC OSX and Android (Source code examples included for All platforms)


  • High power transmitter with wide IR angle
  • USB connection to the host system
  • Supported by WinLirc and Lirc
  • Plug & Play (Uses CDC-ACM driver)
  • Infrared Transmitter @940nm with 10+ meters range
  • Infrared Receiver up to 40khz and 10+ meters of receive range
  • Open source software & hardware

Supported in:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Android


2.5 - Added two new modes and separated transmit from receive mode thus allowing better support and stability on Android, while backward compatible with all other systems.

Grab a sample

You can grab a sample board from


The Irdroid USB Infrared Transceiver can be used in Windows, Linux , MAC OSX and Android. We provide source code examples for the above platforms . The modules is based on the USB IRToy from Dangerous Prototypes.


  • N/A


GPL 2.0