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irDA HAT for Raspberry Pi
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irDA piHAT Transceiver for Raspberry Pi

The IrDA piHAT is a IrDA SIR transceiver HAT for raspberry Pi. It will allow you to experiment and develop solutions that require IrDA SIR serial communication from 9600 to 115200 baud rates. The IrDA piHAT comes pre-configured for 9600 bps serial SIR communication with the target IR device.

  • Complete solution for IrDA communication on Raspberry Pi
  • Supports with IrDA® Physical Layer Specification (version 1.3)
  • High quality infrared transceiver
  • Up to *5 meters IrDA SIR communication
  • Supports Baud rates from 9600 – 115200 bps
  • No drivers are required



Grab a sample

You can grab a sample board from


  • n/a


GPL 2.0

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