A language agnostic test suite for the JSON Schema specifications
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JSON Schema Test Suite

This repository contains a set of JSON objects that implementors of JSON Schema validation libraries can use to test their validators.

It is meant to be language agnostic and should require only a JSON parser.

The conversion of the JSON objects into your test framework of choice (say, an xUnit) is still the job of the validator implementor.

Structure of a Test

If you're going to use this suite, you need to know how tests are laid out. The tests are contained in the tests directory at the root of this repository.

Inside that directory is a subdirectory for each draft or version of the schema. We'll use draft3 as an example.

If you look inside the draft directory, there are a number of .json files, which logically group a set of test cases together.

Inside each .json file is a single array containing objects. It's easiest to illustrate the structure of these with an example:

        "description": "the description of the test case",
        "schema": "the schema that should be validated against",
        "tests": [
                "description": "a specific test of a valid instance",
                "data": "the instance",
                "valid": true
                "description": "another specific test this time, invalid",
                "data": 15,
                "valid": false

So a description, a schema, and some tests, where tests is an array containing one or more objects with descriptions, data, and a boolean indicating whether they should be valid or invalid.


The coverage of this suite is actively growing. The first order of business is to have a full-coverage draft 3 test suite.

Ultimately, when it's done, the idea is to attempt to have it included on the JSON Schema website.

Who Uses the Test Suite

This suite is being used by:

If you use it as well, please fork and send a pull request adding yourself to the list :).


I need help! If you'd like to contribute, please fork this repository. I'd love to have your pull requests sent over.

Right now, the way I'm compiling the tests is by porting over a test suite that I'd written for a Python validator. The tests (in a messy format) can be found here.

There are also other JSON Schema test suites for various other validators, and it would certainly be nice to merge all of them as well. In particular, this validator contains a set of tests already written in JSON which will be useful.

I'm perfectly fine with contributions either porting from one of those, or being written from scratch, so feel free to do what you're comfortable with as long as the tests are easy to understand and correct :).