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LDtkMonogame is an level importer for the LDtk level editor

Getting Started

The easiest way to start using LDtkMonogame is to import it into the project using NuGet package.

Make sure to import the namespace at the top

using LDtk;
// Optional
using LDtk.Renderer;

LDtk.Renderer is a premade renderer for the levels, you can create your own if you have more specific needs LDtkRenderer.cs is an example of how to make one. Or you can inherit it and extend it.

To get started loading ldtk files load the file in Initialize.

LDtkFile file = LDtkFile.FromFile("World", Content);
LDtkFile file = LDtkFile.FromFile("Data/World.ldtk");

Then load the world right after for now ldtk only supports one file but make sure to enable the multiworlds flag in the project settings under advanced.

LDtkWorld world = file.LoadWorld(Worlds.World.Iid);

The Worlds.World.Iid is generated from the ldtkgen tool and is recommended that you use it for static typing of entities and levels.
It is a class within in a class that represents the world name and the levels name and holds the iid you can use to load that specific level.

Create the renderer in Initialize.

LDtkRenderer renderer = new LDtkRenderer(spriteBatch, Content);
LDtkRenderer renderer = new LDtkRenderer(spriteBatch);

Prerender Levels

foreach (LDtkLevel level in world.Levels)

Now to render the level and entities we loaded in Draw


spriteBatch.Begin(samplerState: SamplerState.PointClamp);
    foreach (LDtkLevel level in world.Levels)




by Fypur

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Example Game


by IrishBruse

Source code here