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#Hey ITC Slackers This was forked from by @robburke on 2017-01-05 after some discussion the previous night in #general.

It's currently running unmodified in Heroku and if you'd like to be added as a collaborator there, just DM @robburke.

The Heroku dyno doesn't currently pull/recompile when there's changes committed here but we could do that for future. I'd also like to add some more detailed logging for when the bot sends welcome messages.

#Greetings Slackers This simple script written in basic Python will allow you to hook into the real time API of Slack and perform a greeting to every new joiner! Usually this is used to tell new joiners about the network, the guidelines, rules, useful links etc etc

If you like this project and you use it for your community or anything else, please hit the STAR button ⭐️ on the top right side so I know you dig it! It makes me feel appreciated and it's free.

#Requirements Python 2.7+ Edit on lines 7-8 to customise with your greeting and token


git clone <thisgitrepo>
cd <thisgitrepo>
virtualenv greetingslack
. greetingslack/bin/activate
pip install requests
pip install websocket-client
python &

#Heroku Deploy with a click supported now


Don't forget to scale your worker to 1 as below (notice the one? hit the edit button on the right to scale it to 1) Scale


Auto-greet new members of ITC with a DM from WelcomeBot









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