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This project uses NuGet to distribute custom analysis and style rules, so that consistency across projects can be mandated (and so that the rules may be easily updated over time). The major players are:

  • EditorConfig file line ending / spacing settings
  • StyleCop settings for source style, like linting
  • FxCop aka Code Analysis settings for static analysis violations
  • Gendarme settings for static analysis violations


To ensure that your project is modified correctly, this package should only be installed from within Visual Studio using either the Nuget package manager dialog or the package manager console.

The simplest way to install in package manager console for all projects is:

Get-Project -All | % { Install-Package -ProjectName $_.Name -Id AnalysisRules }

Where AnalysisRules is the name of the published package.


Additional updates should generally be performed in the same manner, as relative paths to the package assets are written to the .csproj files. git

What does it modify?

Well, the installation script modifies the .csproj files to safely include all relevant files. The installation has a basic heuristic that detects test projects and varies the configuration accordingly.

  • For FxCop - tweaks to CodeAnalysis settings and ruleset config

    • CodeAnalysisPath is configured to work properly on VS2012, VS2010 or on a build server where FxCop may be in it's own directory. It defaults to looking in this order as the project loads
    $(DevEnvDir) - only works in current VS
    $(VS110COMNTOOLS) - VS 2012
    $(VS100COMNTOOLS) - VS 2010
    $(MSBuildProgramFiles32)\Microsoft Fxcop 10.0
    $(ProgramFiles)\Microsoft Fxcop 10.0
    • CodeAnalysisRuleSet sets to FxCopRulesTest.ruleset or FxCopRules.ruleset based on the project
    • Ruleset is either Standard or Test
    • CODE_ANALYSIS constant is set in DefineConstants for any projects that are not DEBUG
    • CodeAnalysisDictionary is linked to CustomDictionary.xml in this pkg
    • FxCopPath and FxCopRulesPath are set like CodeAnalysisPath and CodeAnalysisRuleSet for backward / cmd line compatibility
    • RunCodeAnalysis is set to True for the project
  • For StyleCop

    • Settings.StyleCop is copied to the project directory, and links back to the file shipped in this package - varying based on the test heuristic
    • Individual project overrides may be placed in this Settings.StyleCop file as long as the link back to package file is maintained
  • For Gendarme

    • GendarmeConfigFilename is set to the gendarme-rules.xml file shipping with this package
    • GendarmeRuleset is set to Standard or Test as appropriate
    • A gendarme.ignore file is copied to the projects Properties folder with some samples on how to ignore items for the particular project
  • For EditorConfig

    • The .editorconfig file is copied into solution path IFF it isn't there
    • The settings use a 2 space (no TAB) indent with CRLF line endings

Creating Your Own Variations

This package serves as a basic blueprint, but you might not agree with our selections.

Create a fork of this repo, configure the rules as you see fit, and publish with the basic scaffolding we prescribe.

To push the package, from the source directory, using Powershell

.\NuGetPack.ps1 -APIKey $yourApiKey -Source


  • Test / Expose dependencies through NuGet and ensure project props compatible
    • Gendarme - Can kick off Gendarme from MSBuild
    • FxCop - currently no easy way to get FxCop installed outside of VS
    • seems like something for Chocolatey, but would be better to concoct a Nuget tool package that lives in a sibling directory IMHO
  • Double-check that this runs OK under Jenkins - keep good on promises, right?
  • Provide a system for project specific FxCop rule overloads
  • Basic build server install instructions
  • Include new VS2012 rules