a Sublime Text 2 plugin that opens files listed in the Find in File output
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Open Search Result Plugin for Sublime Text 2

This plugin creates a command that allows you to open files listed in the search results of the 'Find in Files' command.

  • When run on a line in the search results that includes a line number, e.g., "102: print 'foo'" it opens the file at the correct line number.

  • When run on a line that contains a file path like '/path/to/somewhere:' in the search listing, it opens the file without a line number specified.

Key Binding

  • The default key binding is a Vintage command mode key: "g, o".


You can change various things about the plugin by adding user settings:

  • 'highlight_search_results': Set to false to disable highlighting openable paths (the open command will still work)
  • 'highlight_search_scope': The scope that will be used to color the outline for openable paths or the icon. See your theme file for examples of colors.
  • 'highlight_search_icon': If you want an icon to show up in the gutter next to openable paths, include a valid icon name as a string (e.g., 'circle', 'dot' or 'bookmark')