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A CLI menu for browsing and selecting a shell script to run.
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An interactive menu for quickly finding and setting up an invocation for one of the Unix scripts found in a directory. You must write a file, referred to in the script as a read-me, which contains various metadata on the scripts. When passed the directory where the scripts reside and the name of the read-me, a menu is offered for browsing the scripts by category. When a script is chosen, the invocation of said script is started for you on the command line.

For information on how to format the read-me, see the comment header in the script. The file "README" in my repository called "Small scripts", inside the "Bash" directory, is an example of such a read-me. When you run this script and it successfully confirms that the list of scripts in the read-me matches the files in the directory, the first thing you'll see is the menu. After choosing a category, you can pick a script in that category:


After choosing a script, you are returned to the command prompt and the invocation of the script is typed in via AppleScript:


Note that this script is "me-ware" and is designed for my own usage, so it outputs "rb", which is referring to an alias I have on my command line that is equivalent to "cd script_directory;bash". You'll obviously need to customize that part for your own environment.

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