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What's New In Python 3.3


  • PEP 405: Virtual Environments
  • PEP 420: Implicit Namespace Packages
  • PEP 3118: New memoryview implementation and buffer protocol documentation
  • PEP 393: Flexible String Representation
  • PEP 397: Python Launcher for Windows
  • PEP 3151: Reworking the OS and IO exception hierarchy
  • PEP 380: Syntax for Delegating to a Subgenerator
  • PEP 409: Suppressing exception context
  • PEP 414: Explicit Unicode literals
  • PEP 3155: Qualified name for classes and functions
  • PEP 412: Key-Sharing Dictionary
  • PEP 362: Function Signature Object
  • PEP 421: Adding sys.implementation

Using importlib as the Implementation of Import

Other Language Changes

  • Added support for Unicode name aliases and named sequences. Both unicodedata.lookup() and '\N{...}' now resolve name aliases, and unicodedata.lookup() resolves named sequences too.
  • Unicode database updated to UCD version 6.1.0
  • Equality comparisons on range() objects now return a result reflecting the equality of the underlying sequences generated by those range objects.
  • The count(), find(), rfind(), index() and rindex() methods of bytes and bytearray objects now accept an integer between 0 and 255 as their first argument.
  • The rjust(), ljust(), and center() methods of bytes and bytearray now accept a bytearray for the fill argument.
  • New methods have been added to list and bytearray: copy() and clear(). Consequently, MutableSequence now also defines a clear() method
  • Raw bytes literals can now be written rb"..." as well as br"...".
  • dict.setdefault() now does only one lookup for the given key, making it atomic when used with built-in types.
  • The error messages produced when a function call does not match the function signature have been significantly improved.

Builtin functions and types

  • open() gets a new opener parameter: the underlying file descriptor for the file object is then obtained by calling opener with (file, flags). It can be used to use custom flags like os.O_CLOEXEC for example. The 'x' mode was added: open for exclusive creation, failing if the file already exists.
  • print(): added the flush keyword argument. If the flush keyword argument is true, the stream is forcibly flushed.
  • hash(): hash randomization is enabled by default, see object.hash() and PYTHONHASHSEED.
  • The str type gets a new casefold() method: return a casefolded copy of the string, casefolded strings may be used for caseless matching. For example, 'ß'.casefold() returns 'ss'.

New Modules

  • faulthandler
  • ipaddress
  • lzma

Improved Modules

  • abc
  • array
  • base64
  • binascii
  • bz2
  • codecs
  • collections
  • contextlib
  • crypt
  • curses
  • datetime
  • decimal
  • email
  • ftplib
  • functools
  • gc
  • hmac
  • http
  • html
  • imaplib
  • inspect
  • io
  • itertools
  • logging
  • math
  • mmap
  • multiprocessing
  • nntplib
  • os
  • pdb
  • pickle
  • pydoc
  • re
  • sched
  • select
  • shlex
  • shutil
  • signal
  • smtpd
  • smtplib
  • socket
  • socketserver
  • sqlite3
  • ssl
  • stat
  • struct
  • subprocess
  • sys
  • tarfile
  • tempfile
  • textwrap
  • threading
  • time
  • types
  • unittest
  • urllib
  • webbrowser
  • xml.etree.ElementTree
  • zlib

Deprecated Python modules, functions and methods

  • Passing a non-empty string to object.format() is deprecated, and will produce a TypeError in Python 3.4
  • The unicode_internal codec has been deprecated because of the PEP 393, use UTF-8, UTF-16 (utf-16-le or utf-16-be), or UTF-32 (utf-32-le or utf-32-be)
  • ftplib.FTP.nlst() and ftplib.FTP.dir(): use ftplib.FTP.mlsd()
  • platform.popen(): use the subprocess module. Check especially the Replacing Older Functions with the subprocess Module section (issue 11377).
  • The Windows bytes API has been deprecated in the os module. Use Unicode filenames, instead of bytes filenames, to not depend on the ANSI code page anymore and to support any filename.
  • The xml.etree.cElementTree module is deprecated. The accelerator is used automatically whenever available.
  • The behaviour of time.clock() depends on the platform: use the new time.perf_counter() or time.process_time() function instead, depending on your requirements, to have a well defined behaviour.
  • The os.stat_float_times() function is deprecated. (Never implemented, but removed in Python 3.7)
  • abc module:
    • abc.abstractproperty has been deprecated, use property with abc.abstractmethod() instead.
    • abc.abstractclassmethod has been deprecated, use classmethod with abc.abstractmethod() instead.
    • abc.abstractstaticmethod has been deprecated, use staticmethod with abc.abstractmethod() instead.
  • is now deprecated in favour of as bytecode files now store both the modification time and size of the source file the bytecode file was compiled from.