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Work around the fact that MethodInfo.ReturnParameter throws NotImplem…

…entedException on WP7.

(cherry picked from commit 8092e17)
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commit f8cce37420838b8197f31eedb1e04ae3a2e102ac 1 parent 7c306ee
@jdhardy jdhardy authored
4 Languages/IronPython/IronPython/Runtime/Binding/SlotOrFunction.cs
@@ -87,8 +87,8 @@ sealed class SlotOrFunction {
public bool MaybeNotImplemented {
get {
if (_function != null) {
- ParameterInfo ret = _function.Overload.ReturnParameter;
- return ret != null && ret.IsDefined(typeof(MaybeNotImplementedAttribute), false);
+ var method = _function.Overload.ReflectionInfo as MethodInfo;
+ return method != null && method.IsDefined(typeof(MaybeNotImplementedAttribute), false);
return true;
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