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Unreachable Expression Code Detected #53

rinckd opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I'm trying to compile IronPython with Mono Xbuild Version

On both Mac and PC (building with Xbuild) I got the same errors.

Runtime/PythonContext.cs(1982,94): error CS0429: Unreachable expression code detected
Runtime/PythonContext.cs(1983,101): error CS0429: Unreachable expression code detected
Runtime/PythonContext.cs(1987,63): error CS0429: Unreachable expression code detected
Task "Csc" execution -- FAILED

This starts a cascade of errors. I don't see this file.

Am I missing something obvious?
I'm building with: xbuild /p:Configuration=Release Solutions/IronPython.sln


It's because "Warnings as Errors" is on for most of the projects, and I probably missed updating the allowed warnings during the last merge (Mono's mcs produces slightly different sets of warnings than csc).

You can open Solutions/Common.proj and change the element to false for now, and I'll get a ptach to fix it for good as soon as I can.


Thanks! It builds fine now.


Not anymore. The main IronPython.sln should work just fine under Mono, unless I screwed something up (always an option!).

The easiest way to build is just


in the checkout root. You'll need to do

xbuild /p:Mono=true

on Windows, though.

The build docs still need to be updated with all of the recent changes.

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