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Array specs #52

merged 22 commits into from Mar 3, 2012

2 participants


Update IronRuby to pass more of rubyspec core/array specs

gglresearchanddevelopment and others added some commits Jan 4, 2012
@gglresearchanddevelopment gglresearchanddevelopment Update implementation of to call .each on args if .to_…
…ary fails (as per rubyspec)
Orion Edwards [GGL] Update implementation of Array.uniq and uniq! to use blocks correctly…
… (as per rubyspec)

Bugfix uniq! when dealing with recursive arrays (as per rubyspec)
Orion Edwards [GGL] Update implementation of Array[]= to check frozen before coercing arg…
…s, and change the error message to match MRI 1.9.2 (as per rubyspec)
Orion Edwards [GGL] Update implementation of Array#fill to check frozen on empty array, a…
…nd do proper boundary checking (as per rubyspec)
Orion Edwards [GGL] Update implementation of Array.shuffle! to check frozen correctly (as…
… per rubyspec)
Orion Edwards [GGL] Implement Array#select! (as per rubyspec) 8208196
Orion Edwards [GGL] Update Array#shift to check for frozen correctly (as per rubyspec)
Implement Array#shift(n) (as per rubyspec)
Orion Edwards [GGL] Implement Array#sample and Arran#sample(n) as per rubyspec f041d20
Orion Edwards [GGL] Implement Array#rotate and Array#rotate! as per rubyspec b687d8b
Orion Edwards [GGL] Implement Array#rindex when called with no args and no block (reverse…
… index-finding enumerator) as per rubyspec
Orion Edwards [GGL] Array#pop should check frozen even when empty (as per rubyspec). Also…
… update other fixes to use existing implementation of RequireNotFrozen(IList) instead of manually casting
Orion Edwards [GGL] #to_ary is allowed to return nil. Fixes Array#flatten as per rubyspec 411a3e5
Orion Edwards [GGL] Add range checking to Array#product so the tests no longer run out of…
… memory and hang (also part of rubyspec error checking)
Orion Edwards [GGL] Minor fixes:
- Some methods were declared as taking RubyArray parameters instead of IList
- One more instance of RequireNotFrozen
Orion Edwards [GGL] Minor fixes:
- Some methods were declared as taking RubyArray parameters instead of IList
- One more instance of RequireNotFrozen
Orion Edwards [GGL] Resolve merge conflict caused by accidental checkin of wrong initiali…
…zers.generated file
Orion Edwards [GGL] Merge branch 'master' into array_specs adfd117
Orion Edwards [GGL] I was using ArrayList (which is not available in Silverlight) interna…
…lly Array#sample. Update to use List<object>
Orion Edwards [GGL] Update Array#slice! to deal with out-of-range values as per rubyspec ae966af
Orion Edwards [GGL] Update Array#inspect to taint result strings correctly as per rubyspec c89e236
Orion Edwards [GGL] Implement Array#keep_if as per rubyspec e92404b
Orion Edwards [GGL] Update Array#product to handle block parameters as per rubyspec ede005c
@tmat tmat merged commit ede005c into IronLanguages:master Mar 3, 2012
IronLanguages member
tmat commented Mar 3, 2012


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