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add install and uninstall targets to Makefile #62

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Add install and uninstall. "make PREFIX=/foo/bar install" so far, no ./configure.

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'install' should probably depend on 'ironpython', unless there's a reason not to.


@atsushieno , I see that the makefile is still empty [1] and says it is a stub not to be used since msbuild will do the work.

The proper place to put a mono makefile would appear to be in their project [2], but they have obsoleted the use of makefile [3].

Right now the only 'install' for regular IronPython on windows is github clone + msbuild, right? [3] So it seems to me that this makefile should be removed. Do you agree @jdhardy @atsushieno ?

[1] ; ; ; ; ;Last/only edit Sep 3, 2010 ; ; ; X.main/makefile at ipy-2.7-maint · IronLanguages/main

# DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE!!! Modify the project file in this directory
# This file merely allows the MSBuild project file in this directory to be integrated with Build.Exe
!INCLUDE $(NTMAKEENV)\msbuild.def 

[2] Mono with IronPython; current 2.7.5 date Sat Dec 6, 2014 at 3:00 AM status Stable ; X.IronPython - Home
[3] Makefile patch, Closed Feb 18, 2012 at 10:55 PM by slide_o_mix This makefile no longer exists.; ; X.IronPython - View Issue #15023: Trivial: makefile patch

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