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ife added some commits Sep 28, 2012
@ife ife 1) missing method: File.realpath, String#try_convert, GzipFile.pos, G…
…zipFile.eof?, IOWrapper.Eof

2) updated logic in IOWrapper.Length, IOWrapper.Position

3) added default construtor (ASCII) for Encoding.

4) added support for options for GZipReader constructor.
@ife ife Added NulStream ('nul')) 9a0c059
@ife ife Added missing method "set_encoding" to ARGF class. 3e62249
@ife ife Support RubyGems system update. 2525a00
@ife ife Added unicode surrogate pair for regular expression used by build Bui…
…lder gem.
@ife ife GzipReader: Get encoding from options (:external_encoding). 160dcbc
@ife ife Renamed: ir -> iruby.
Added ruby 1.9.2 pre-installed gem specifications.

Use the Ruby standard library without too many changes. (Keep end of lines as in the MRI files.)

Added support for dummy libraries (Ex.: ironruby/digest/
@ife ife Read encoding for MutableString and RubyRegex. d1e60a0
@ife ife TryGetDefaultConversionAction for System::String only System::String …
…and MutableString are accepted for DefaultConversion.
@ife ife Added -disableDebugLog option. 1bf489a
@ife ife Get first IRubyObject_get_ImmediateClass found.
Initialize module's mixins.
@ife ife Fixed ConvertToClrStringAction. 8989675
@ife ife Don't force core.autocrlf on irtests. b5d166f
@ife ife Fixed CheckedMonitor. b7bf85d
@ife ife Fixed encoding. 6ddd902
@ife ife Binary => ASCII-8BIT 2b39f88
@ife ife If searching a default constructor (ruby allocator) for System::Strin…
…g then return MutableString default constructor (ruby allocator).
@ife ife Implemented ruby option -c. 3dbfa92
@ife ife Fixed returned matched captured groups' values. (encoding issue, inde…
…x vs. byte-length characters, NOT COMPLETE)
@ife ife Revert "Fixed returned matched captured groups' values. (encoding iss…
…ue, index vs. byte-length characters, NOT COMPLETE)"

This reverts commit 62a5844.
@ife ife Fixed MutableString.BinaryContent.GetSlice. 996df03
@ife ife Load assemblies only once 041ff11

Why not use Stream.Null?

Because I didn't know about it :(
Should I do the required changes ?

IronLanguages member

Yes, please, if you want me to merge your changes to the Main.

Also could you split your big pull request to multiple small ones? I don't have much time I can spend reviewing your changes and I'd like to merge them one by one. Some changes are clearly fine others I need to spend more time reviewing. It would also help to figure out why GIT doesn't produce line-by-line diffs for many of the changes. Perhaps you changed line breaks?

I hope you don't mind this taking quite a while. The fact is that IronRuby is not very active project and I don't have much time. Yet I'd like to keep the Main branch clean and the quality high.



I will do the changes.
As for multiple pull requests I'll try, I don't know how.
I don't mind as long as I see IronRuby moving forward ;)

Thank you!

@ife ife closed this Nov 26, 2012

I've created a pull request with only the first 2 commits and the System.Null change.

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