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Community Meeting September 1, 2016 18:00 GMT

Alex Earl edited this page Sep 13, 2016 · 2 revisions

@slide to create a checklist of what needs to be done for releases

  • include blog entry for release


  • would like the PDB's included in the release, right next to the DLL/EXE
  • will file an issue for tracking purposes


  • would like to have an org email for use with appveyor
  • @slide will contact the PSF to find out if that's possible
  • Appveyor has an issue with their test result parser that they are working on.


  • Contacted .NET Foundation and received questionnaire about joining
  • People want to see if we can also be members of the PSF (dual citizenship)
  • @slide meeting over Skype with .NET Foundation rep next week


  • making good progress on .NET Core support
  • Working on getting tests passing locally
  • Has 5 more PR's lined up after the one that is currently in the queue
  • Thinking of waiting until .NET Core 1.1 or 1.2 which have more APIs that would be useful (1.1 is Q4)


  • Wondering if there is any headway on funding a full time dev
  • @slide will follow up with @simplicbe about sponsors
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