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Getting the sources

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The main IronPython/IronRuby git repository is at

Downloading the sources

You can download a zipped copy of the latest IronPython/IronRuby sources as well.

Installing GIT

The following links include resources for installing and using GIT:

Creating a local GIT repository

You will first need to fork the IronLanguages project. Creating a fork is recommended as it will allow you to contribute patches back easily. Click the “Fork” button on This should create your personal fork, with a website like (where janedoe is your github username). As main is not a good descriptive name, rename the project to ironlangs in GitHub.

You can now use the git command-line client with many Linux distributions, Mac OS, Cygwin, and Windows (msysgit) to get the sources onto your local computer using the following commands:

git config —global branch.autosetupmerge true
git config —global “Jane Doe”
git config —global

git clone
cd ironlangs
git remote add ironmain git://
git pull ironmain master

At a later date, to get the latest updates from the IronRuby project, run the following command in the ironruby directory created above:

git pull ironmain master

If there is a merge conflict, edit the unmerged files to remove the conflict markers, and then run the following command:

git commit -a

To push your changes back to your fork and make them public, use git push.

Working without a fork

You can skip creating a fork if you only want to browse the sources. In that case, you can clone the project directly as such:

git clone git://
git pull

For more information there is an excellent tutorial on getting started with git

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