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IronLanguage usages

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Here are interesting usages of the IronLanguages

  • We’re using IronRuby as an integration layer in our .NET applications. All of our client/server apps fire fine grained business events whenever anything interesting happens. We set up a convention based file structure on our app servers that can allow us to handle any of these events by dropping rb files in a directory with certain names that match the event we want to handle, and the context surrounding each event is given to that ruby code during execution. Read more from Nathan Stults (

  • I use IronRuby as the glue between sqlserver, dynamic processing for complex order scheduling, with excel connections for review/updating of scheduling. -- Eduardo Blumenfeld

  • I've just released the first version of IronMock ( ) which uses 9 lines of embedded IronRuby to apply interfaces to objects at runtime. It can be used for duck-typing any object, but there's also a DynamicObject-based mocking class. I achieved in a couple of lunchbreaks and a few lines of Ruby and C# something which used to take reams of IL Emit code. IronRuby rocks. -- Mark Rendle (

  • We've been using IronRuby for dialplan scripts on for a couple of years now. The IronRuby scripts let VoIP users control how their calls get routed around the place. Some of the scripts written by users have become pretty sophisticated. -- Aaron Clauson

  • We have taken to use IronRuby from pre-alpha stage in our GUI conversion project where we are transforming Napa SW GUI (1 mil+ SLOC) from Motif + custom script language to WPF + IronRuby. So we are using IronRuby as WPF scripting language. -- Robert Brotherus (

  • We have developed an educational framework, called Calico, which brings together many .NET-based languages, including IronPython, IronRuby, F#, and Scheme. The Calico components (chat, editor and shell) run identically on Windows, Mac, and Linux using Mono and Gtk. It is written in IronPython and C#, and is an example of many of the great properties of these technologies. See for more information. -- Doug Blank

  • I've been using IronRuby in an "Updater" application suite (WPF GUI and commandline tools) for managing, downloading and updating of Mods and Missions, and the browsing of gamespy server list, for a game. The suite leverages rSync and zSync technologies for differential updating. IronRuby is the gateway to .NET and WPF for me as Rubyist, IronRuby and .NET rock! -- P R

  • 3S Software is using IronPython to provide scripting functionalities for their CoDeSys IDE for automation industries. See for more information. -- Markus Schaber

  • ForgottenArts is using IronRuby embedded in XML for server side content creation for an online, browser based web game.

  • We are using IronRuby and IronPython within IronWASP which is a web app security assessment framework. The plugin architecture of IronWASP uses IronRuby and IronPython to write custom plugins for performing web app security assessments and extending the functionality of the framework. We also make use of an embedded scripting shell that makes use of IronRuby and IronPython.

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