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IronScheme aims to be a R6RS conforming Scheme-like implementation based on the Microsoft DLR.

IronScheme implements over 99% of the R6RS specification and specified behavior.

Build status


  1. Open the IronSchemeCore.sln file in VS2019
  2. Set startup project as IronScheme.Console

Alternatively, using the build.cmd batchfile in the IronScheme directory.

Running on Windows

Run the IronScheme.Console.exe for the runtime and bitness you want to target.

V2 requires .NET3.5. V4 requires requires .NET4.0 or higher. Pretty much any running Windows should have one or both of those.

You can also run it with .NET Core, which has limited compilation functionality.

Running on Linux/MacOS

# get .NET Core if you dont have it already
chmod +x --channel Current --runtime dotnet # v2.1+
export -p PATH="$HOME/.dotnet:$PATH"
# Download 
wget<latest release>.zip
unzip <latest release>.zip
cd IronScheme
alias ironscheme="dotnet IronScheme.ConsoleCore.dll"
# if you prefer Mono
# alias ironscheme="mono IronScheme.Console-v4.exe"


Library usage

Reference IronScheme.dll from your project.

using IronScheme;

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        "(display 'hello-world)".Eval();

Running tests

After building, you can use NUnit to run IronScheme.Tests.dll in the IronScheme.Console bin folder.

There is also a batch file in the IronScheme directory called test.cmd. You can pass the /verbose to the batch file to see complete output in case of failures.


Make sure that peverify is in your PATH. The test fixtures are designed to execute in a specfic order. The tests will not take less than 6 minutes to complete.

Nuget feed

On and CI-builds on


Please @leppie in your issues/PR's, else I will probably not know about it. I do not actively monitor Github. If I still dont answers, nag me on Twitter, also @leppie.


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