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Home Assistant configuration files for KTZ.
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This repository contains all configuration used to configure my home automation setup using Home Assistant. This is a living and breathing repository and as such is subject to change.

Feel free to recycle the code here. Check for some of the projects I'm doing with this stuff like cheap smart LEDs, automated routines and more...

I use Ansible to manage the configuration installation onto a remote host. ansible-vault is used for secret encryption. To view the secrets use ansible-vault view secrets.yaml and then enter the password. To create your own secrets create your own secrets.yaml file and then use ansible-vault encrypt secrets.yaml. More information about ansible-vault is available here.

Running Ansible

I use a Makefile so that I don't have to remember long, complex Ansible commands. Ok, this one isn't very long or complex but there you are. To execute the Ansible ensure the entry in your hosts file is correctly pointing at your target system running HASS, double check your file paths are correct. Then run:

make hass

That should be it. You'll need Ansible installed of course and a working SSH setup.

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