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activate.c arm64: Add irq aff change check Mar 17, 2020 Make sure the m4 directory is created in Jun 20, 2012
bitmap.c import __bitmap_parselist from Linux kernel Mar 12, 2015
bitmap.h import __bitmap_parselist from Linux kernel Mar 12, 2015
classify.c arm64: Add irq aff change check Mar 17, 2020 Update version in May 22, 2019
constants.h Compute load in nanoseconds Feb 18, 2013
cpumask.h irqbalance: use num_online_cpus() instead core_count Nov 4, 2019
cputree.c free cpu_ban_string when the next request come Feb 6, 2020
irqbalance-ui.1 Add stub manpage for irqbalance-ui Jul 21, 2019
irqbalance.1 Capitalize HOMEPAGE in irqbalance.1 Jul 21, 2019
irqbalance.c Correct typos in irqbalance.c Feb 24, 2020
irqbalance.h arm64: Add irq aff change check Mar 17, 2020
non-atomic.h initial import Dec 9, 2006
numa.c irqbalance: use add_one_node() to create unspecified node for numa Nov 7, 2019
placement.c irqbalance: use NUMA_NO_NODE macro instead of -1 for numa Nov 3, 2019
procinterrupts.c irqbalance: use num_online_cpus() instead core_count Nov 4, 2019
types.h Types: clean out unused variables from irq_info struct Aug 8, 2017

What is Irqbalance

Irqbalance is a daemon to help balance the cpu load generated by interrupts across all of a systems cpus. Irqbalance identifies the highest volume interrupt sources, and isolates each of them to a single unique cpu, so that load is spread as much as possible over an entire processor set, while minimizing cache miss rates for irq handlers.

Building and Installing Build Status

./configure [options]
make install

Developing Irqbalance

Irqbalance is currently hosted on github, and so developers are welcome to use the issue/pull request/etc infrastructure found there. However, most development discussions take place on the irqbalance mailing list, which can be subscribed to at:

New Developers are encouraged to use this mailing list to discuss ideas and propose patches.

Bug reporting

When something goes wrong, feel free to send us bugreport by one of the ways described above. Your report should include:

  • Irqbalance version you've been using (or commit hash)
  • /proc/interrupts output
  • irqbalance --debug output
  • content of smp_affinity files - can be obtained by e.g.: $ for i in $(seq 0 300); do grep . /proc/irq/$i/smp_affinity /dev/null 2>/dev/null; done
  • your hw hierarchy - e.g. lstopo-no-graphics output
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