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.de Sh \" Subsection
.if t .Sp
.ne 5
.de Sp \" Vertical space (when we can't use .PP)
.if t .sp .5v
.if n .sp
.de Ip \" List item
.ie \\n(.$>=3 .ne \\$3
.el .ne 3
.IP "\\$1" \\$2
.TH "IRQBALANCE-UI" 1 "Jul 2019" "Linux" "irqbalance-ui"
irqbalance-ui \- user interface for irqbalance
\fBirqbalance-ui\fR provides an ncurses-based textual user interface to
\fBirqbalance\fR, a daemon responsible for IRQ distribution on Linux systems.
It shows how IRQs are distributed over CPUs at given moment, and allows one to
setup of the sleep interval and the IRQ and CPU banning at runtime.
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