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@nhorman nhorman released this Apr 13, 2021

minor bug fix update including the following fixes and enhancements


  • Improve argument parsing code clarity
  • Fix cpu activation to only operate on online cpus
  • Improve online cpu detection on parisc systems
  • Fixed up some missing settings in systemd env file
  • General dead code cleanup
  • irqbalance ui core dump fix for menu off by one issue
  • Fix potential crash in do_one_cpu when directory open fails


  • Added an environment variable to ban cpus using cpulist syntax
  • Improve documentation of IRQBALANCE_BANNED_CPUS
  • Improved hotplug logging


  • IRQBALANCE_BANNED_CPUS is deprecated, and is being replaced with IRQBALANCE_BANNED_CPULIST. The former will be removed in a future version (likely v1.9.0)
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@nhorman nhorman released this Aug 4, 2020

Miscellaneous bug fix release, consisting of:

  • Strlen checking for IRQBALANCE_BANNED_CPU env var
  • Typo cleanup in SOCKET_TMPFS
  • consolidation of numa node creation on non-numa systems
  • fix uninitialized use of package_mask in affinity setup
  • use num_online_cpus instead of core_count
  • fix a null ptr crash in do_one_cpu
  • make list searching common from glib
  • fix a calloc parameter bug
  • remove some unused variables
  • use g_list_free_full
  • remove redundant call to free_cl_opts
  • fix some resource leaks in main()
  • fix some use after free issues in check_for_irq_ban
  • fix resource leaks in irqballance-ui, and in add_one_node
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@nhorman nhorman released this May 22, 2019

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Misc typo fixes in documentation
  • Fixed balancing on arm systems when numa information isn't available
  • Correct documentation regarding use of IRQBALANCE_BANNED_CPUS
  • Fixing some string truncation warnings found by gcc8
  • Fixed socket path creation for ui communication
  • Fixed a socket fd leak on connection error
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@nhorman nhorman released this Oct 27, 2018

New Features in irqbalance 1.5.0

  • file based socket ipc mechanism
  • support for multiple policy scripts
  • add some sandboxing support
  • enhanced debug output
  • Imroved irq type determination for ARM

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed xen event interrupt detection
  • Fix node parsing in sysfs
  • Covscan fixes
  • Fix use on systems without a pci bus
  • Various other cleanups
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@nhorman nhorman released this May 14, 2018

New version of irqbalance. Notable changes:

  • Fixed an erroneous calculation of min_load that restricted candidates to a subset of objects
  • Fixed powerpc hotplug detection
  • Cleaned up syslog target dependency
  • Added some self test infrastructure (via make check)
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@nhorman nhorman released this Nov 13, 2017

New features in this release:

  • optimization of platform device irq detection
  • Added sample udev rules to trigger irq rescans on device add/remove
  • Made irqbalance ui an optional compile component
  • Added support for Intel CoD
  • Add -v | --version option to command line

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Misc compiler warning fixes and spelling errors
  • Compilation error fix on aarch64
  • Compilation error fix when using clang in c99 mode
  • Unused variable cleanup
  • Lots of memory leak cleanup in irqbalance-ui
  • Prevent irqbalance from running in a container
  • Fix irq affinity assignment in some cases to wrong numa node
  • Fix oneshot mode
  • exclude legacy irq 255


  • without-glib2 is removed, we just need it enough that we can't dummy it up anymore
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@nhorman nhorman released this Jan 10, 2017

Irqbalance release 1.2.0


  • sort_irq logic rework to fix unintended ordering
  • removal of the affinity_hint infrastructure as its not needed
  • fixes for invalid cpumask parsing
  • many other minior fixes (see git log)


  • Aarch64 support
  • live interactive monitoring of irqbalance and live adjustment with irqbalance-ui
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@nhorman nhorman released this Dec 4, 2015

New irqbalance release available

Bug Fix highlights:

  • Banning support fixes
  • Load calculation improvements
  • Documentation fixes
  • Fix command line preservation across re-scan
  • Memory leak fixes
  • Misc. bug fixes

New Features:

  • ARM irq support
  • New --banmod option
  • New sleep interval option
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@nhorman nhorman released this Mar 16, 2015

#Irqbalance version 1.0.9 released

Minor bugfix/feature release including:

  • PCI quirk support
  • System Logging compatibility
  • isolcpus inheritance
  • Misc. Bugfixes
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Dec 17, 2014
Tagging version 1.0.8