A collection of Vapoursynth functions. kagefunc.py is the only relevant file for users
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kageru's (that's me) Vapoursynth functions
Functions in separate files are currently in development and will probably not even run.
Documentation/explanation for each function is given in the docstring.
A list of dependencies can be found... nowhere, actually. I might take the time at some point to create a proper AUR package with all of them. Emphasis on might.

Message kageru#1337 on discord for questions and suggestions that are not within the scope of a git issue.

a random fate reference

I am the encoder of this world.
Frames are my body, and codecs are my blood.
I have created over a thousand scripts.
Unknown to bloat. Nor known to grain.
Withstood heat to create these videos.
Yet, those encodes will never be perfect.
So as I pray, Unlimited Encode Works.