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Light's Vapoursynth Functions
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I still hate it, but whatever.

Special thanks to kageru for helping me out with making it a lot less bad
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Contains scripts stolen from other people combined into a simple function for Vapoursynth.

This function offers the following:

  • compare(clip_a, clip_b, frames: int, mark=False, mark_a=' Clip A ', mark_b=' Clip B ', fontsize=57)
  • stack_compare(clips, width=None, height=None, stack_vertical=False):
  • transpose_aa(clip, eedi3=False)
  • NnEedi3(clip, mask, strong_mask, show_mask, strength=1, alpha=0.25, beta=0.5, gamma=40, nrad=2, mdis=20, nsize=3, nns=3, qual=1)
  • quick_denoise(clip, mode='knlm', bm3d=True, sigma=3, h=1.0, refine_motion=True, sbsize=16, resample=True)
  • stack_planes(src, stack_vertical=False)

For more information, check the docstrings in the func.


  • Vapoursynth R28 or newer


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