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The Isogenic Game Engine - Prototype Version
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The full commercial version of IGE has now been made available as an open source community edition.

You can get this here:

Isogenic Game Engine

HTML5 2D and isometric scenegraph-based game engine written entirely in JavaScript.

Latest Updates & Changelog

Main Features

  • Full un-obfuscated source code
  • Advanced networking system with built-in server
  • Particle system
  • Scenegraph-based rendering pipeline
  • Tile maps
  • Box2D physics component for easy integration with 2d and isometric games
  • Multiple viewport support
  • Tweening support
  • Cell-based animation support
  • Native and font-sheet text support


After downloading or cloning this repository, if you plan to use the multiplayer aspects of the engine you should run (assumes that you cloned / extracted the engine repository to /ige)**:

cd /ige/server
npm install

This will automatically download and install any required Node.js modules.

** You must have Node.js installed for the installation to work


There are a lot of examples in the ./examples folder. Please see the ./examples/ file for more information about running the examples.



Head over to the official help & support forum:

Feedback & Support

If you have any comments, questions, requests etc please don't hesitate to discuss them on the forum!


You may use the IGE for non-commercial, educational or hobbyist purposes for free subject to the terms and conditions set forth below.

Premium licenses can be obtained from the official website:

Terms & Conditions

If you wish to create a game that utilises the IGE and generates income from any source connected to the game via online means (this includes in-game purchases, banner adverts in the game or on the page the game runs on, bank transfers that were originated offline but were meant for in-game purchases etc) then you need to purchase a license for the engine. Examples of income that is not counted as requiring a license are t-shirts featuring the game or game art, accessories or other real-world items that are not part of the "digital" game etc. You can purchase a license from our website listed below.

You also require a license if you are using the engine as a registered / limited company for any reason.

Intellectual Property, Ownership & Copyright

(C)opyright 2013 Irrelon Software Limited

Prototype Version

Some of the art and assets that are included in the premium version are not included in the free (prototype) version because of licensing issues.

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