Converting Visual CertExam(VCE) files to Anki decks for more convenient learning
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Learning braindumps via Visual CertExam sucks. It's not comfortable,
and it doesn't hide questions you know well from you. Anki, on the other
hand does this and many other things as well, making it perfect for learning
any kind of material, not just braindumps.

This is where this script is useful. You export the exam from VCE Designer to
txt format, and then use this script to convert it to a .anki deck which you can
open in Anki.

The script is rough, but it works. The question and the answers goes to the first
field. The correct answer(s) go to the second field. If there is some
Explanation/Reference it is attached to the second field.

This version is specifically tailored to work with ankimini. The main reason is
that ankimini package already contains all the needed dependencies.

Note: I only tested this on Windows. It might work on Mac or Linux, I'm not sure.

How to use:
1) Download Python 2.7(32 bit) if you don't have it installed already
2) Download ankimini from here
3) Extract ankimini to a directory of your choice
4) In Visual CertExam Designer open the .vce exam you want to export to Anki
5) Click File->Export to, and export to the ankimini directory as a test.txt file (this is important)
6) Open test.txt file in Notepad++
7) Click Encoding->Convert to utf-8 and save
8) Save the to ankimini directory
9) Double-click the

That's it! If everything worked, now you should have a test.anki file in the ankimini folder.
You can open it in Anki and study now.

I thought this little script written in mighty Python might help someone as much
as it helped me, so here it is. I might add some features in the future, but
if you need some feature, please take your time and code it yourself.