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100 Days Of Code - Log

Day 0: 25 June 2018

Today's Progress: I have read about challenge "Record Collection" on Free Code Camp.

Thoughts: First day of the challenge and... I am stuck with JS. I'll solve it tomorrow after work when I will have more time.

Link to work:

Day 1: 27 June 2018

Today's Progress: Finished "Record collection" challenge, JS while loops, JS for loops, JS odd numbers with for loops, counting backwards with for loops, iterate through array with for loop

Thoughts: It was quite exciting to finish Record collection challenge. I got to work on other aspects of JS as well. Unfortunatelly I couldn't finish it yesterday as I had too much work.

Link to work:

Day 2: 28 June 2018

Today's Progress: Nesting for loops, do while loops and Profile look up challenge on Free Code Camp

Thoughts: Profile Look up was nice challenge which required a bit more time than others. I am excited for solving it. I really liked this challenge as it required knowledge of different loops and was more advanced than other ones.

Link to work:

Day 3: 29 June 2018

Today's Progress: Learning JS, specifically: Parseint Funtion with a Radix, Paresint Function, generating random numbers witin a range, generate random numbers, generate random fractionson on Free Code Camp

Thoughts: I forgot to input this entry.

Link to work:

Day 4: 30 June 2018

Today's Progress: Learning JS, specifically: Conditional ternary operators and multiple conditional ternary operators && Reviewing CSS specifically: entire baisc CSS section on Free Code Camp

Thoughts: Despite having hard day at work, I ended up being super productive in regards to CSS course. I have done a lot of CSS in past so it wasn't very challenging however I did learn few new things regardless of it. Did 2 challenges in JS. Well that was exciting!

Link to work:

Day 5: 2 July 2018

Today's Progress: Learning JS, specifically: var, let and const keywords.

Thoughts: Another hard day at work but despite being so tired I was too curious to not peek what next section, ES6 challenges has to offer. Let and const keywords remind me of getters and setters in Java in some way. I have also found very informative youtube channel "The Coding Train" which is great source of JS.

Link to work:

Day 6: 16 July 2018

Today's Progress: Arrow Functions with Parameters, Use Arrow Functions To Write Concise Anonymous Functions, Prevent Object Mutation, Mutate An Array Declared with Const

Thoughts: Back from holidays! I was very excited to be able to code again. I got to learn arrow functions which were quite interesting as I have never seen it in other languages that I have learned. It makes code so much shorter but a bit harder to read for those who are not used to it. I can imagine getting used to it and using it more frequently, it's just a matter of learning and a bit of time. The Coding Train youtube channel had some interesting videos which explained it in more depth and with some examples.

Link to work:

Day 7: 17 July 2018

Today's Progress: Default Parameters for Your Functions, Higher Order Arrow Functions

Thoughts: I have read and learned a lot about arrow functions and more about DRY principles. It was a tough bite as it's rather hard thing to read but I have managed to get through it. I am proud of myself as I did extra hour despite being tired. Mozilla web docs and The Code Train (YouTube channel) came quite handy.

Link to work:

Day 8: 18 July 2018

Today's Progress: JS: Destructuring Assignment To Assign Variables From Objects, the Spread Operator To Evaluate Arrays In Place, the Rest Operator with Function Parameters CSS: half of applied visual design. Project: started Tribute web page. Thoughts: Since I had day off, I have worked on quite a lot of things. JS challenges difficulty have spiked and it seems like I am not the only one to struggle with them. Despite of it I got through them. CSS challenges were easy and I have started new project for Free Code Camp. I have spend quite a lot of time learning and programming today!

Link to work:

Day 9: 19 July 2018

Today's Progress: HTML/CSS: changed tribute page to Irena Sandlerowa,roughly positioned items on web page.

Thoughts: Tried to do somehting quickly before work.

Link to work:

Day 10: ?? July 2018

Today's Progress: Finished Tribute Page,Learned a lot of JS, HTML and CSS. Started new project- Survey Form.

Thoughts: Got sick, busy at work, I have a lot of problems to tackle right now so I wasn't able to update list everyday. I think a quote from Churchill can sum it up well: "If you're going through hell, keep going."

Link to work: Tribute page:

Day 11: 25 July 2018

Today's Progress: JS, finished Applied Visual design on FCC

Thoughts: I got really inspired by animation lessons in CSS, I have few projects ideas I could utilise, I really wish I had more time for this. I am almost done with ES6 in JS as well, I thought to give JS a little break after this and try to make some more projects. Recently I have been heavily focusing on learning on FCC

Link to work:

Day 12: 26 July 2018

Today's Progress: Learning more JS, edited my portfolio website.

Thoughts: I have brushed up my knowledge about destructing so I feel more confident about it. Also updated my portfolio website because I haven't done it in a while. I thought to redesign whole thing, I think it's about time to rewamp it.

Link to work:

Day 13: 27 July 2018

Today's Progress: Learning JS, exactly: Importing a default export, Creating An Export Fallback with Export Default, Use To Import Everything From A File, Use Export To Reuse A Code Block, Understand the Differences Between Import and Require

Thoughts: I had hard time focusing on learning today. Recently I have applied to a web developer apprenticeship and I am so excited about it. I wish I would know result of my application (I have written great application) so I could prepare myself ASAP for apprenticeship and start learning programme ahead. Probably I would also quit my job just so I can spend whole days learning and writing up new projects (oh I so wish I could do it now). Also I had a lot of work today hence I didn't had much time today. To be fair there wasn't much that I have learned today, just syntax different from other languages.

Link to work:

Day 14: 3 August 2018

Today's Progress: Continued work on Survery form coursework from free code camp. Progress so far 8/17.

Thoughts: I don't get why I get score 8/17, I'll have to dig deeper into it. I might also get some little free lance job for a start up business so I was busy with that and... work.

Link to work:

Day 15: 4 August 2018

Today's Progress: Continued work on Survery form coursework from free code camp. Progress so far 17/17. Completed all tasks.

Thoughts: I think I was really tired yesterday because I have missed few things and misunderstood certain things in FCC coursework explanation. I guess it just meant that today's work on the coursework was dead simple! Tomorrow after work: making it pretty!

Link to work:

Day 16: 7 August 2018

Today's Progress: Finished styling form, improved format of code to make it more readable

Thoughts: After long day at work I have decided to work on survey form a bit more. Now it looks prettier. Next: web responsive. Now I need my sleep.

Link to work:

Day 17: 9 August 2018

Today's Progress: Now survey works on mobile phones and tablets.

Thoughts: I don't know why it took me so long to find that semicolon in css. I think I am just too tired and it's 2am but... survey looks so pretty I am proud of it so much. I can't wait to make next project.

Link to work:

Day 18: 10 August 2018

Today's Progress: Sketched some web design ideas for little free lance request.

Thoughts: I am extremely excited about this little free lance job. It's for a start up company. I have been asked to make black and orange website. They haven't provided me their logo to know exact hue and saturation of colours they want me to use.

Link to work:

Day 19: 11 August 2018

Today's Progress: Half way through design stage of first website.

Thoughts: I haven't finished design today because I havent received color scheme of logo yet (it is meant to integrate well with website) so I don't know if current design will fit colours. Let's see what will happen tomorrow. I can't decide on which font to use.

Link to work:

Day 20: 12 August 2018

Today's Progress: Finished first design of the website.

Thoughts: I just thought that if the design is not going to be used in this project then I can use it somewhere else right. No work wasted. I am very happy with results. I just have to adjust size the website a bit more.

Link to work:

Day 21: 13 August 2018

Today's Progress: Made design of mobile version of black labrador website.

Thoughts: Time to make 2 more.

Link to work:

Day 22: 16 August 2018

Today's Progress: Made 2 more designs for my client I felt inspired.

Thoughts: Time to make light version. Also I have made kaban board other day. It came helpful to keep track of multiple designs. I don't upload designs yet because I am quite shy and I would prefer my client to see them first.

Link to work:

Day 23: 17 August 2018

Today's Progress: Was looking for inspirateion for product landing page + started some html.

Thoughts: I still don't know what I should do this project about. Perhaps server hosting? I am not sure

Link to work:

Day 24: 18 August 2018

Today's Progress: Just added little bit to Product Landing Page which lacks any significance I guess.I have restarted Free Code Camp tutorial in Accessibility. I am almost done with it

Thoughts: I felt like I have missed something in the course so I came back to it but I am not entirely sure.

Link to work:

Day 25: 20 August 2018

Today's Progress: Finished Applied Accessibility, Responsive Web Design Principles and started CSS Flexbox.

Thoughts: I was right! I havent learned anything about viewpoint in my previous courses. It turned out to be quite easy so I am going ot use it more frequently in future. Yesterday I have made massive job search so fingers crossed!

Link to work:

Day 26: 27 August 2018

Today's Progress: Finished CSS flex box, almost done with CSS grid.

Thoughts: This is much better than bootstrap I think. Last week was extremely busy. Lots of work and went for some interviews. I am tired I need a break and some food zZzZzZZ

Link to work:

Day 27: 29 August 2018

Today's Progress: In last few days I have made design for new portfolio and today started writing it up.

Thoughts: I think that this design is quite chill and have been very enjoyable to write. Inspiration from old blogs I found on some website archive. I like simplicity and minimalism of old blogs. So this is how I spend my free time after work... I would like to make a blog from scratch. Time to crank up JS soon (after I have some more rest, work have been particularly stressful recently). I really got to like to write this little diary.

Link to work:

Day 31: 31 August 2018

Today's Progress:

Thoughts: Forgot to save this entry. I have continued work on portfolio redesign.

Link to work:

Day 32: 3 September 2018

Today's Progress: Made responsive across devices.

Thoughts: I wasn't sure how I should set menu on small devices so I did extensive research and I liked fixed little menu on the bottom because it's so much easier to press than hamburger button.

Link to work:

Day 33: 16 September 2018

Today's Progress: Added idle timer function which detects no input from user for certain period of time.

Thoughts: So I have forgotten to post here for a while now. In all that time I had a lot of shifts from my previous employer as they are heavily understaffed, got sick but managed to learn new things and start off my first JS project called 'meme room'. Despite not knowing much JS and not having a clue what I am actually doing, everything is going strangely smoothly. The projects goes in very good direction to my surprise. I have one week to finish it, just my deadline. Yesterday I have learned about DOMs and how JS actually works on websites. Today I have added idle timer which pops up alert when user is idle for 3 seconds (just for test). It's late and I don't have time to deal with it now but I have to add if loop so the alert comes up only when lightbulb is off (aka 'on' value, just to add to confusion). I am excited about it but also too tired, I guess I will have hard time falling asleep. I can't wait to smash my keyboard tomorrow.

Link to work:

Day 34: 17 September 2018

Today's Progress: Added more comments so code is easier to read. Researched and added a bit of code (to add youtube video with JS).

Thoughts: Couldn't finish want I wanted today. I have awful headache

Link to work: