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Monster Game Unity

I haven't come up with a name with this project yet, this is just to mainly expand my knowledge with C#, Unity, game creation, etc.


  • It's inspired by Pokemon, with my spin on it (Not using any code/formulas from the original).
  • Completely coded from scratch in Unity, special thanks to Apex and Josh for helping with some formulas.
  • Exploring/Leveling/Battling/RPG based game.
  • Quest system (In works)
  • Minigame system (In works)
  • All models (unless specified otherwise) created in MagicaVoxel.
  • Animations either done in Unity or Mixamo.


This is my first game that I really worked on in Unity other than the Roll a Ball tutorials series Unity has. It's probably not the most well-coded or put together game you've ever seen.

Social Media/Contact

Personal Discord

Personal Twitter


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