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A wrapper for the Twitch IRC used for creating chat bots.
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twitchircpy is a wrapper for the Twitch IRC used for creating chat bots.


Installing from PyPI:

pip install twitchircpy

Installing from source:

pip install git+

You might have to install with these commands if the above installs for Python 2.

pip3 install twitchircpy
pip3 install git+


Small Example

import twitchircpy

bot = twitchircpy.Bot("oauth", "nick", "!", "jups", True)

def on_connect():
def on_message(message):
    if "HeyGuys" in message.content:
        bot.send_message(, f"@{message.user} HeyGuys")
def on_sub(sub):
    bot.send_message(, f"Thank you @{sub.login} for subbing!")


You can find examples in the examples directory.

Library Requirements

Good news! This library only uses built-in Python libraries.

Python Version

Tested with Python 3.7


Please join the Discord if you need help with the library or just want to chat!

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