A more convenient Windows keyboard layout for those that care about typographically correct puntuation marks.
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Typographic Keyboard

The default keyboard layout on Windows has always annoyed me. It’s hard to use proper punctuation. Although applications like Word automatically turn your straight quotes into smart quotes, your hyphens into en- or em-dashes, other applications – notably the browsers – don’t.

Luckily the men and women from Redmond have made Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator available to the public. This allowed me to properly configure my keyboard. If you like it better too, feel free to use or modify it.

Now you can tweet like a gentleman and use those fancy curly quotes with ease.


  • The United States (international) keyboard is left unchanged as much as possible.
  • The Alt-Gr modifier key is utilized to access the more advanced typographic option.
  • For your convenience all advanced typographic options are located at the left side of the keyboard, because the Alt-Gr key is usually located on the right.
  • Use Alt-Gr key combinations to put accents on characters such as è.
  • It is no longer neccessairy to type a space after straight quote keys to get an actual straight quote (great for programming).
  • Curly quotes and other advanced puntuation marks are easily accessable.


  • Open setup.exe – located in the Build folder – to quickly and easily install the keyboard layout.
  • In case you don’t trust an executable from some random guy at GitHub (you shouldn’t), you can build your own layout from the .klc file. You should download the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator for this.