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Icon sets to add to a fusetools project
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A collection of files with icon code mappings to quickly add icons to your fuse tools project.

Fuse Tools Icon Fonts Documentation

Download the font file .tff and its associated .js file. The Icons.ux file is a global resource file, which creates the Icon Font resource. In the .ux file that you want to reference the font add the javascript file for the font <JavaScript File="Resources/<icon-font>.js"/>

You can then reference the icon like so

<Text Value="{FiHome}" Font="{Resource FiIcons}" FontSize="22" Margin="10"/>

The Value is the font icon reference name with a prefix of the font initials.

Foundation Icons

Prefix: Fi
Global Reference: {Resource FiIcons}
number of icons: 336

Material Icons

Prefix: Mat
Global Reference: {Resource MatIcons}
number of icons: 991


Prefix: Ti
Global Reference: {Resource TiIcons}
number of icons: 283


Prefix: Ion
Global Reference: {Resource IonIcons}
number of icons: 732



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