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Anonymous Discord Polls

A simple anonymous poll bot for Discord. Bot admins are unable to tell who voted for what.


  1. Install Python3
  2. Create a Python venv python -m venv env
  3. Activate venv source env/bin/activate (linux) or env/Scripts/activate (windows)
  4. Install requirements python -m pip install requirements.txt
  5. Rename example.env to .env
  6. Replace DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN = "TOKEN_HERE" with your token as TOKEN_HERE
  7. Replace DATABASE_NAME = "NAME_HERE" to literally anything as NAME_HERE
  8. Give your Discord bot the Members privileged intent on the developer portal.
  9. Run the bot with python
  10. To run it constantly look into nohup or screen (linux) :3

Public bot

For those of you who just want to use it without figuring out what the hell a Linux is:

🔗 Invite link:

PRs are welcome.