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* Copyright (c) 2018 Isetta
#pragma once
#include <windows.networking.sockets.h>
#include "Core/DataStructures/Delegate.h"
#include "Core/IsettaAlias.h"
#include "Scene/Component.h"
namespace Isetta {
DEFINE_COMPONENT(NetworkDiscovery, Component, true)
void FixedUpdate() override;
void OnDestroy() override;
* @brief Begins broadcasting a message to the local area network through a
* predefined socket at a regular interval.
* @param data The message to broadcast
* @param duration The length of time to broadcast for until timing out
* @param interval The interval between message broadcasts
void StartBroadcasting(const std::string &data, float duration, float interval);
void StopBroadcasting();
bool IsBroadcasting() const;
* @brief Begins listening for messages on the local area network through a
* predefined socket.
void StartListening();
void StopListening();
bool IsListening() const;
* @brief Registers a callback that is run when a broadcasted message is
* received on a listening machine.
* @param onMessageReceived The function that is run when the message is
* received
* @return U64 The handle that is registered to the callback if we want to
* deregister it.
U64 AddOnMessageReceivedListener(
const std::function<void(const char *data, const char *fromIP)>
* @brief Removes a registered callback from running when a broadcasted message
* is received.
* @param handle Handle corresponding to the callback function to be removed.
void RemoveOnMessageReceivedListener(U64 &handle);
void RemoveAllOnMessageReceivedListeners();
std::string broadcastContent{};
float broadcastDuration{0};
float broadcastInterval{0};
float broadcastElapsed{0};
float broadcastElapsedTotal{0};
Delegate<const char *, const char *> onMsgReceived{};
// Internal stuff
inline static u_long BLOCKING = 0;
inline static u_long NON_BLOCKING = 1;
const int PORT = 45936;
const Size BUFFER_SIZE = 2048;
char buf[2048]{};
int sizeOfAddress = sizeof(struct sockaddr_in);
// Listener stuff
void CreateListenerSocket();
void CloseListenerSocket();
void ListenToBroadcasts();
int listenerSocket{-1};
// Broadcaster stuff
void CreateBroadcasterSocket();
void CloseBroadcasterSocket();
void BroadcastMessage(std::string_view message) const;
int broadcasterSocket{-1};
DEFINE_COMPONENT_END(NetworkDiscovery, Component)
} // namespace Isetta