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BackPack 3.0
Pure CSS Responsive Framework

BackPack is a pure CSS framework which provides you a simple grid to work on your web projects. The best part about BackPack is the site looks just the same in all resolutions (except mobile) with the width fixed according to the screen (Thanks to the percentage based styling).

BackPack Website


Version 3.0 (26th October 2017) Updated to 3.0 with CSS Grid System opening a lot of opportunities for designing and positioning elements on the web page.

Version 2.0 (May 2015) Updated and Optimized the code with percentages.

Version 1.5 (17th August 2013) Validated the codes with W3C and added support for older IE browsers like HTML5shiv. Integrated with Github

(4th August 2013) Added smooth scrolling in the docs and updated the docs with the center class info and also added how to update your BackPack.

Version 1.4 (3rd August 2013) added some more basic styles like centering the box, etc. Made some changes in the site too like added the submit form.

Version 1.3 (22th June 2013) added media queries for all mobile screens, added buttons, corrected the images path, created all the icons and updated the docs.

(11th June 2013) Validated the codes with W3C

Version 1.2 (10th June 2013) Renowated the site, added responsiveness for screens having resolution more than 2400px

Version 1.0 (5th June 2013) Started BackPack