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Magento 1.x Gestpay's payment module
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app 20160109 Jan 9, 2016

Isiweb's magestpay

Magento Plugin For GestPay (Banca Sella) payment gateway

This is a derivative work from Daniele Gagliardi's work which I found a lot improvable.

For the original work please see

What it provides

  • Allows linking to Banca Sella's Gestpay gateway system
  • Provides correct translation among currency codes used by Magento and the ones used by Gestpay (UIC codes)
  • Bypasses limitation of Gestpay which provides only one return url therefore allowing customer to return to the same website language where he/she has purchased. Mostly useful when you have set website code in your URLs
  • Absence of PHP's SOAP extension is logged instead of generating an exception
  • After a negative payment transaction items are restored back in cart

Other features being published soon.


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