Proposed Technical Roadmap

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These are roughly in order of priority (1 being highest priority), each with a short description. This list is not final until formally accepted by the community.

  1. Migration Tools
    1. Document and provide examples of migration strategies into CLAW for both new and existing users coming from 7.x.
  2. Multi-tenancy in Fedora
    1. Allow multiple Drupal sites to populate a single Fedora instance with appropriate permissions to isolate each site in Fedora.
  3. Expose RDF Mappings through UI
    1. Allow front end-users to control what triples are sent to Fedora and the Triplestore via a GUI.
  4. Resource Versioning
    1. Create versions for resources in Fedora when Drupal versions are created.
  5. Web Accessibility
    1. Support integration with Drupal distributions that support web accessibility guidelines.
  6. Audit service
    1. Allow users to verify the fixity of repository content
  7. OAI-PMH Endpoint
    1. Allow repository content to be exposed for harvesting via an OAI-PMH endpoint in a user specified metadata profile (DC, OpenAire, etc...)
  8. SEO
    1. Add support for improving search engine ranking and AMP search results.
  9. Multiple Metadata Profile Support
    1. Allow users to apply different metadata profiles to different types of repository content. This is done by letting users configure their own
      1. Fields
      2. RDF Mapping
      3. Context configuration
  10. Access Restrictions and Embargoes
    1. Restrict repository content based on time and/or IP address.
  11. Usage Stats / Metrics
    1. Track usage statistics (# of visits, # of downloads, etc…) for repository content.
  12. Transmission Fixity
    1. Confirm that files are uploaded without data loss or corruption.
  13. Video Derivatives
    1. Convert video content to alternate formats faster loading.
  14. Audio Derivatives
    1. Convert audio content to alternate formats faster loading.
  15. Book/Newspaper/Serial support
    1. Implement paged content functionality from 7.x to provide support for books, newspapers, journals, and serials, including media other than print such as television shows or podcasts.
  16. OCR Derivatives
    1. Extract text from images and store the results upon ingest.
  17. FITS Derivatives
    1. Execute fits on files and store the results upon ingest.
  18. Multi-lingual Support
    1. Create and share best practices for handling metadata in multiple languages.
  19. Search and Discovery Improvements
    1. Improve the out of the box search and discovery experience.
  20. Dynamically Generated Citations
    1. Generate citations on demand, based on metadata in the repository.
  21. Dockerization
    1. Convert existing claw-playbook code to provision docker containers.
  22. Load/Stress Testing
    1. Identify stress points and gauge overall performance from systems under heavy load.
  23. Integration with alternate Fedora implementations
    1. Ensure code is compatible with more than one implementation of the Fedora API.
  24. LDP endpoint
    1. Expose repository content publicly via LDP.
  25. Error reporting
    1. Improve developer/user experience by providing a dashboard that highlights errors that occur from background processes.
  26. OCFL -
    1. Ensure the possibility of using OCFL with Fedora when it becomes available.

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