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Controlled Access Terms

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This Drupal 8 module creates bundles to represent common named entities in archival description (Corporate Bodies, Families, and Persons) as well as subject terms.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with both the ArchivesSpace/Drupal 8 Integration project and Islandora CLAW.

This module is under active development and will be in flux although master should always work (theoretically). There are some field naming inconsistencies that will be cleaned up along the way.

Feel free to add issues or post pull requests. Feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Content Types

Below is a list of the (at least partially) implemented content types with their fields. Emphasized fields were originally planned but proved infeasible given the structure of Drupal's RDF module and the Islandora JSON-LD module.

  • Corporate Body
    • Preferred Name (Title)
    • Alternate Name
    • Founding Date (EDTF v.1)
    • Dissolution Date (EDTF v.1)
    • Parent Organization
    • Authorities
    • Description
    • Type Abandoned due to an inability to alter JSON-LD's @type attribute based on a field.
      • Organizational Unit (org:OrganizationalUnit)
      • Airline (schema:Airline)
      • Corporation (schema:Corporation)
      • Educational Organization (schema:EducationalOrganization)
      • Government Organization (schema:GovernmentOrganization)
      • LocalBusiness (schema:LocalBusiness)
      • Medical Organization (schema:MedicalOrganization)
      • Non-Governmental Organization (schema:NGO)
      • Performing Group (schema:PerformingGroup)
      • Sports Organization (schema:SportsOrganization)
      • Sports Team (schema:SportsTeam)
  • Family
    • Display Label (Title)
    • Authorities
    • Relation
    • Date Begin (EDTF v.1)
    • Date End (EDTF v.1)
  • Person
    • (Title is auto generated from Preferred Name)
    • Alternate Name
    • Preferred Name
    • Birth Date (EDTF v.1)
    • Death Date (EDTF v.1)
    • Relation
    • Authorities
    • Description
    • Member Of (Family or Corporate Body)
  • Geographic Location
    • Name (Title)
    • Alternate Name
    • Authorities
    • Geographic Location (WGS 84)
    • Broader
  • Subject
    • Title
    • Body
    • Authorities
    • Type Abandoned due to an inability to alter JSON-LD's @type attribute based on a field.
      • Topical (mads:Topic)
      • Cultural Context
      • Genre/Form (mads:GenreForm)
      • Occupation (mads:Occupation)
      • Style/Period