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Islandora Collaboration Group (ICG)

Islandora Collaboration Group (ICG) is a group of colleges supporting and extending the Islandora repository through development, resource pooling and advocacy.

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  1. Islandora Enterprise (ISLE) is a community project that addresses two of the most significant pain-points in Islandora: installation and maintenance.

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  2. LASIR: Liberal Arts Sprint for Institutional Repository (IR) development

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  3. The Islandora Collaboration Group (ICG) is a responsive, supportive and engaged community of peers representing a broad range of roles and skills. Please read our Mission Statement, Code of Conduct…

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  4. Sample set of objects and corresponding metadata (examples organized by solution pack, including zips for quicker bulk ingestion).

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  5. islandora_webform

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  6. Sitespinner creates a new Drupal multisite based on an existing template site. It uses drush site alias files to describe both the source and destination sites. The source site's database and files…

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