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Help Documentation
1. Timeline_ Planning Event.docx
1a. Attendee Signup List.docx
1b. Dietary Requests
1c. Event Logistics.docx
1d. Survey Hack_Doc Topics + Roles.docx
2. Pedagogy of Hack_Doc.docx
3. Schedule Daily + Hourly Agenda.docx
3a. Code of Conduct.docx
3b. Goals + Roles.docx
3c. Tools + Resources.docx
3d. Exercise Moon Shot.docx
4. Day 1 Group Notes.docx
5. Day 2 Group Notes.docx
6. Post Mortem of Hack_Doc (Location, Date).docx

Templates: How to Run a Hack/Doc


A Hack/Doc differs from a regular hackfest in its focus on a variety of skills beyond programming, including documentation, research, and testing. This approach promotes a lot of collaboration, with larger teams (8-10 people) gathered around a few topics.

This set of templates offers a way for you to create your own hack/doc. These templates will continue improving with each hack/doc that we do.


  1. Joanna DiPasquale (Vassar College, Head of Digital Scholarship and Technology Services)
  2. David Keiser-Clark (Williams College, Academic Application Developer)
  3. Francesca Livermore (Wesleyan University, Digital Projects Librarian)


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