Drupal 8 Migrate Plus migration to work direct from an Islandora 7.x Solr/Fedora server.
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This module contains plugins and some example migrations to import data from a Fedora 3 Islandora instance into an Islandora CLAW instance.

This is a base setup, it requires adjustments to the default Repository Object and configuration changes for your setup.

Required changes

The default Repository Object provided with Islandora CLAW requires one additional field to allow for these migrations (or you can comment out these field migrations).

  1. A large text field called field_mods_text, this will store the MODS datastream from the source object.

This is defined in the config/install/migrate_plus.migration.islandora_basic_image.yml and can be commented out there.

Example usage

To use this migration, clone this repo into your Drupal 8 instance modules/contrib directory.


You will need to edit the 3 migrate_plus.migration.islandora_basic_image* files in the config/install directory.

At a minimum you'll need to set:

  1. solr_base_url: to your Solr instance
  2. fedora_base_url: &fedora_base_url to your Fedora, please leave the &fedora_base_url this is a placeholder and saves re-typing this value in other locations.
  3. The username and password in the block
     authentication: &fedora_auth
     plugin: basic
     username: fedoraAdmin
     password: fedoraAdmin

You may also need (or want) to alter the content model field name in Solr. content_model_field: RELS_EXT_hasModel_uri_ms and the content model to migrate. content_model: islandora:sp_basic_image

These changes need to be made in all 3 migration configuration files.

Now you can install the migrate_7x_claw module.

If you have installed the migrate_ui module you can review the process in the Admin -> Structure -> Migrations.

You can then see. List of Migrations

If you click List Migrations you will see 3 migrations.


The Basic Image Objects OBJ Media migration requires the other two be completed first, if you try to run this one it will run the other two first.

Clicking Execute on the Basic Image Objects displays a page like.

Migration Execute

The operations you can run are

  • Import - import the objects
  • Rollback - delete all the objects (if any) previously imported
  • Stop - stop a long running import.
  • Reset - reset an import that might have failed.

With Import selected press Execute.

When complete, you should see something like below (your number will be different).

Migration result

Once you have completed all 3

How this migration works

To allow for the magic Danny content modelling overhaul.

  1. The migration searches Solr for all of the content models specified.
  2. Each is migrated to a new node in Drupal. Then it creates a file for the OBJ datastream of each of these objects. Lastly it creates a media object that links the file to the node.