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This is a base box for Islandora Vagrant, and an export box lives on atlas.

The virtual machine that is built uses 3GB of RAM. Your host machine will need to be able to support that.

N.B. This virtual machine should not be used in production.


  1. VirtualBox
  2. Vagrant
  3. git


  1. git clone
  2. cd islandora_vagrant_base_box
  3. vagrant up


Note: The supplied links apply only to this local vagrant system. They could vary in other installations.

You can connect to the machine via the browser at http://localhost:8000.

The default Drupal login details are:

  • username: admin
  • password: islandora


  • username: root
  • password: islandora

Tomcat Manager:

  • username: islandora
  • password: islandora

Fedora: (Fedora Admin | Fedora Risearch | Fedora Services)

  • username: fedoraAdmin
  • password: fedoraAdmin


  • username: fedoraAdmin
  • password: fedoraAdmin

ssh, scp, rsync:

  • username: vagrant
  • password: vagrant
  • Examples
    • ssh -p 2222 vagrant@localhost or vagrant ssh
    • scp -P 2222 somefile.txt vagrant@localhost:/destination/path
    • rsync --rsh='ssh -p2222' -av somedir vagrant@localhost:/tmp


If you'd like to add your own customization script (to install additional modules, call other scripts, etc.), you can create a file in the project's scripts directory. When that file is present, Vagrant will run it after all the other provisioning scripts have been run.

Custom base box

To create a custom base box to use with Atlas (e.g., if you need different versions of Solr, Fedora, Java, etc.) the basic steps are as follows:

  • Clone the repo
  • git clone
  • cd islandora_vagrant_base_box
  • Customize the provisioning scripts as necessary (Make note of the VM name)
  • Provision the VM
  • vagrant up
  • Export the VM to a box file
  • vagrant package --base <VM NAME>
  • Upload the box file to Atlas using the web interface or otherwise
  • NOTE: Vagrant will replace the default ssh keys during the provision step. To disable this behavior, add the following line to your Vagrantfile:
  • config.ssh.insert_key = false




This project was inspired by Ryerson University Library's Islandora Chef, which was inspired by University of Toronto Libraries' LibraryChef. So, many thanks to Graham Stewart, and MJ Suhonos.