Coordinating Committee Terms of Reference

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This group was formerly known as the Islandora Roadmap Committee.


The Coordinating Committee operates under the Islandora Foundation’s Bylaws - specifically Bylaw 27. Committees of the Board of Directors, which states:

The board may from time to time appoint any committee or other advisory body, as it deems necessary or appropriate for such purposes and, subject to the Act, with such powers as the board shall see fit. Any such committee may formulate its own rules of procedure, subject to such regulations or directions as the board may from time to time make. Any committee member may be removed by resolution of the board of directors.

As such the role of the Islandora Coordinating Committee is to provide core project direction and foster the community by:

  • Consults and liaises with the Board of Directors as needed, ex. fiscal or legal issues;
  • Consults and liaises with the Committers as needed, ex. technical direction, policy and process changes;
  • Review, consult with the Community, and vote on timelines for adoption of major versions of the main Islandora components, ex. next major version of Drupal;
  • Review and vote on submissions made under the Licensed Software Acceptance Procedure;
  • Facilitate the creation of Interest Groups, as well as review and dissolve Interest Groups, and appoint convenors when necessary;
  • Solicit and receive reports, as well as review and approve requests from Interest Groups;
  • Review and approve proposals for Islandora Camps, conferences, or other Islandora events; Propose, review, and approve policies and guidelines for community conduct as needed, ex. community practice, committers practice, community conduct.


  • Held at least twice a month via Skype or whatever communication technology is appropriate;
  • Minutes are recorded and stored at;
  • Agendas are generated based on a standard template and circulated prior to the meeting;
  • Agenda items may be added by any member of the Committee, and suggested by any member of the Community.


  1. Membership of the Coordinating Committee is composed of:
    • Representatives nominated by Partner and Collaborator members in the Islandora Foundation.
    • Legacy members who held seats on the Coordinating Committee before the incorporation of the Islandora Foundation. These members are considered to hold their seats personally and will not be replaced upon leaving the committee.
    • At least one representative from the Islandora Foundation.
  2. Representative terms are for one year, concurrent with the nominating institution's membership in the Islandora Foundation. There are no limits on how many consecutive terms a representative may serve.

Committee Member’s Responsibilities

  1. Contribute toward toward fulfilling the purpose and goals of the Islandora Coordinating Committee.
  2. Act in the best interest of the Islandora community as a whole and help ensure the Community thrives and prospers.
  3. Take on the role of meeting Chair or Notetaker as needed, and make every effort to attend scheduled meetings.
  4. If on an Interest Group, act as the Liaison between the IG and the Coordinating Committee.
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